Night Rock Cafe Collection from Sonart Audio Features 6800 Samples

nightrockcafeA new instruments collection courtesy of Sonart Audio & Venice Deluxe Sounds contains quite the sampling punch. Night Rock Café – Deluxe Instruments Collection features over 6800 samples. The 19.2 Gb collection features a slew of guitar, drum, bass and piano sounds across  five different formats. The Night Rock Café is tailored to a diverse set of musical styles, including Rock, Jazz, Pop, RnB, and more.

The collection features programs for EXS24, Kontakt 1 & 2.1, Giga 2 | 3, and HALion. A number of additional stats on the software are:

* Incredibly realistic sounds
* Up to 20 velocities for 12- 20 seconds plus release and noise layers.
* Ease of use in the PC/MAC studio
* New 19.2 Gb 24-bit core wav library (in 5 formats)!
* More than 6800 24-bit wav samples.
* 5 different formats (EXS24, Kontakt 2.1, Kontakt 1.5, Giga 2 | 3, Halion and Wav).
* Native Instruments Kontakt 2.3 & K3 KSP ‘Night Rock Cafe” Scripts
* Fully programmable!

The software comes in the following versions: Multiformat Download Pack, NI Kontakt, 1.5 & K2.3, GIGA, EXS24, Halion, Kontakt 2 & 3, KSP Script. It retails for $69.99. For the official website, click here.