9 Soundware Announces Heartbeat Set

heartbeat9 Soundware is at it with their software packages again, this time provided a fresh sounds that has a unique marketing angle: the sound set was actually created by using samples of real human heartbeat recordings.

An instrument in the EXS24 format, the Heartbeat set was enhanced following recording so as to provide a more drum-esque punch. Based on 224 samples, the sound set was captured using an electronic stethoscope and then made into a percussive instrument that has sounds that resemble kick drums and additional percussion instruments. Further, not all the sounds were taken from human heartbeats, as some were gleaned from the abdomen and more.

The Heartbeat set has 19 levels of velocity and is across a 8 octave range. The full download, which includes 402 WAV files and 1.EXS file, is a 24 MB download and costs $29.99. It will be available shortly. Click here for the official site and availability news as it happens.

Source: Harmony-Central