Freshman Apollo 1DC Dreadnought


Looking to spend more than a modest amount on an acoustic Dread? Look no further than the Apollo 1DC

This Martin-styled cutaway dread is a smartly satin-lacquered instrument. It sports a solid sitka top partnered by laminated mahogany back and sides. Binding is white with herringbone purfling around the front and around the soundhole. This binding also continues along the rosewood fingerboard. In fact, the only thing that is a little naff about this guitar is its tuners. The colour is a little on the wrong side of Deco for me personally, but as long as they hold their pitch, and they do, it doesn’t really matter.

Moving away from typical cutaway dread territory, the neck is surprisingly girthier at the body compared to the headstock end. This makes for a folkier feel than that of a competing Yamaha or Ovation. Something that the Apollo 1DC has that many others are looking do include in the package now, a chromatic tuner. As well as this uncomplicated unit comes a phase switch and EQ, which simply comprises of a Contour button. This launches the Freshman into a happy-go-lucky mind set to give the tonality that brighter feel, should you need to.

This isn’t the punchiest dread around, sadly. There are a lot of other things going for it though, the EQ for one. You may miss being able to tweak a three-band EQ but this Ion 301 system does it justice, alleviating squashed headroom and brightening high end frequencies.

This is a good guitar but there are better instruments out there for better money.

The Freshman Apollo 1DC retails at £299.