miniMusic Introduces Pianofly iPhone/Touch App

minimusic1The iPhone and iPod Touch have been mega sellers from Apple the last couple years, and the App Store available on these two devices has opened up a large marketplace for downloadable software on the two entertainment devices. Now, miniMusic hopes to get into that market with the release of the Pianofly app.

Pianofly is a live scrolling, multi-touch keyboard app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that integrates a FM synthesizer, allowing users to make and edit instrument sounds. The Pianofly keyboard makes use of touch commands and scrolls with the users as they play, and features 88 keys. The app is designed from the ground up for the unique touch screen capabilities of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Eight pages of customizable instrument icons are also featured with the app, and double tapping on any icon will bring up an editor that allows for the design of instrument timbre. Frequencies, waveforms, and amplitude changes can all be performed at the snap (or stroke, in this case) of a finger.

The Pianofly application has made it past Apple's system and is currently available in the App Store for $1.99. However, this price is limited time only, so move fast before miniMusic lifts the price to $2.99 or above.

Source: Harmony-Central

One thought on “miniMusic Introduces Pianofly iPhone/Touch App”

  1. Pianofly is incredible. This is a musical instrument with a scrolling keyboard that will blow you away. You don’t need to tap buttons to reach higher or lower parts of the piano. Instead you just drag the keyboard and can quickly reach all 88 keys. You can even scroll while you’re playing for scales or long runs. This is the way the piano was meant to be played on the iPhone and totally addictive.

    Brian Callahan
    New York, NY

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