Logic3 Valve 80 iPod Dock & Speakers


Recently, audiophiles have scrutinised compressed audio players and the like for not creating the same tone of Hi-Fi counterparts. Things are crossing over, there’s been a compromise… The Logic3 Valve 80 iPod Dock.

We’ve seen things like this before. The idyllic idea of the portable mini-disc player – while a logical step, it didn’t really fit the portable scene. This is kind of the same story; it’s a fantastic looking amp being hooked up to an iPod. Essentially, the two are in the wrong setting. But this is no ordinary kitchen-sink plug-in, and iPod’s have got a lot better in terms of sound quality…

On the front you’ll find just a power light, the understated Logic3 logo, a sensor for the bundled remote control, the volume knob and a three way input selector. The overall feel of the amp is that it gives you this understated feel of class. It’s the kind of amp that makes you want to appreciate it first before turning it on, full of valve glow…

Using a combination of mosfets and valves to create that solid sound, the Valve 80 amp also features two weighty speakers. These beauties will stay well planted on whatever surface you want to place them on, thanks to rubberised feet. They also feature gold-plated banana plugs, instead of tack you would be expecting to find in this field. Consequently this makes for supremely good audio quality. The low and mids are punchy while keeping the headroom of the trebles and highs crisp.

If you want classy and vintage styling cradled by modern circuitry, buy this! There’s nothing out there quite like it.

The Logic3 Valve 80 iPod Dock & Speakers retail at £300.