T-Rex Twin Boost


We’ve reviewed a few T-Rex products here at MusicGadgets over the last year or so, and all are crackers. Will the Twin Boost follow suit?

As far as versatility goes, few pedals are quite as useful as a clean boost (just look at how well MXR have done). T-Rex have gone one better than the standard few knobs and single footswitch – que three band EQ. Engineering has been good to T-Rex giving the Twin Boost its good looks and allowing you to do what it’s all about in the first place: the ability to set up two extra sounds on top or your basic tone.

In use, whether it be in a poorly lit pub or just simply at home, the Twin Boost’s EQ knobs of your selected channel glow blue. Thoughtfully, the input and output jacks are situated at the back rather than either side, making for easy action for pedalboard users.

Although there is a bit of hiss and background noise, there’s nothing to get in a flap about. Sure, when straining to consciously listen to it in your home with nothing else playing, it’s there but minimal at the most. Practically talking, this bit of hardware is fantastic in use on stage. If you plan on changing quickly from rhythm to lead, I advise you set up either accordingly. Boosting the mids and the output on the secondary channel is a must for solos.

Versatile player? Lots of genres to get through in your live set? This would sound great, as well as looking the part in your pedalboard.

The T-Rex Twin Boost retails at £150.