Samson Reveals XP308i PA System

xpthingSamson Technologies has announced today the release of the Expedition XP308i PA system. Designed for a portable package with a lot of power, the Expedition XP308i system sports dual two-way speakers, a 300 watt power amplifier, and an on-board mixer.

“The XP308i is all about portability and convenience,” says Mark Wilder, Director of Marketing for Samson Technologies. “That’s why it’s perfect for meetings, classrooms, seminars, parties and public performances. Thanks to the iPod dock, you can even incorporate background tracks or repeat a commercial message at a fair or tradeshow. The possibilities for the XP308i are nearly endless,” added Wilder.

Portability is managed in this design thanks to the ability to pack the Expedition all together in one case, despite such power-charged elements such as an internal 2 x 150 watt Class D amplifier. The XP308i‘s speakers are 2-way vented enclosures complete with deep bass, 8-inch woofers. Set in a custom horn, the 1-inch titanium tweeter is paired with these woofers, and features an impressive coverage pattern.

For more, visit the official product page. Full specs are as follows:

– Compact PA system with dual speakers with built-in 300 watt (2 x 150) powered mixer
– Packs up into one portable package that weighs less than 40 pounds
– Internal 2 x 150 watt lightweight Class D amplifier
– 8-inch woofers in 2-way vented enclosures
– 1-inch titanium tweeter in custom, 60° x 90° horn for complete room coverage
– 8-channel mixer with built-in iPod dock, four mic/line inputs, two stereo inputs and phantom power
– Integrated 1-3/8 speaker stand mounts
– Bass and treble control on mixer’s channel inputs
– Monitor out on two 1/8-inch jacks allows connection to external powered monitors
– Internal effects processor to add digital reverb to any microphone channel
– Music/Speech switch to set overall system equalization
– Six-segment level meter with limit indicator
– RCA record outputs to connect to external recorder
– Enclosures also tilt back for use as floor monitors
– Cables included.