Larrivee OM-09 Acoustic Guitar


Very well made, lush tones and beautiful presence – just some of the endearing qualities of the Larrivee OM-09

Canadian luthier Jean Larrivee began making his guitars back in early 1970’s. Since then he has adopted the classic X-bracing, something that is at home to the infamous Martin guitars. Today the refined version can be found in Larrivee guitars and this instrument is a shining example of not only this build technique but fantastic playability.

The soundboard is an integral part to this guitar. Even Larrivee themselves think so:

“Over 20,000 steel-string guitars have proven conclusively that this design has great structural integrity. With the bracing design problems such as bulging of the top behind the bridge or sinking around the soundhole can be eliminated.”

It’s back and sides are constructed from Indian rosewood, while the soundboard is built from bookmatched Canadian sitka spruce with a tight, straight grain. Other build cares include using a tinted lacquer to give that classic aged look and a clear polyester finish that shows off spruce’s pale, creamy colour.

So, the sounds. Because of the low playing action, the Larrivee OM-09 is very easy to play. The combination of an attentive fret construction and a realistic bridge height makes for accurate intonation and a zero fret-buzz. With a definite dreadnought feel to it, the Larrivee OM-09 is very responsive in the mid-high and treble tones when strumming. It is somewhat lacking in warmth so it could be suggested that this guitar is made for a melody work, and it shows/sounds. The maple body gives great sustain in the runs and in longer augmented notes.

If you like elegant unstated looks and fantastic fingerpicking tones you need to try one of these!

The Larrivee OM-09 retails at £1,999.

(Quote source: Guitar Buyer).