Radian Gold Series Wireless System Unveiled

waveangleCombining clear audio quality and digital wireless connectivity, the Radian Gold Series Wireless Guitar System from WaveAngle is made especially for basses and electric guitars. CD-quality signal is capable in the fresh design.

First shown off at the 2009 Winter National Association of Music Merchants, the Radian Gold Series Wireless Guitar System utilizes the important 2.4 GHz license free ISM radio band. The ISM radio band will not have its signal break down due to the recent regulation changes from the FCC, and it is designed from the base up with new digital RF technology by having an incorporation of combined technologies such as QoS engines, advanced frequency hopping, and the aforementioned RF technology.

The Radian Gold Series system works on a single AAA battery that provides up to 20 hours of life on a single charge. The system also does not require any extra rack mounting gear. Also supported is the ability to use 10 systems simultaneously.

The Radian Gold Series carries a MSRP of $299.99.

Source: Harmony-Central