Behringer Echo Machine EM600


As some of you may have read, I have already written about one of the pedals that Behringer have recently bought out. I however figured that the range was so good, and so inspiring that I needed to tell you about the other gem of the RSM range

Staring with the single and only bad point that this range has; not-so-fantastic plastic. The Echo Machine EM600, as well as all the other RSM pedals, has a plastic casing. This doesn’t bode well for the likes of you who want to be heard right at that precise moment in the song – everyone then. But it does mean that Behringer have been able to keep that all important cost down.

Unlike the Super Flanger MusicGadgets reviewed yesterday, the EM600 is the only one that will require you to read the manual. Beyond the usual mix, repeat and time controls there is a mode knob that offers three varieties of tap tempo delay. The time periods are broken down well in this pedal, featuring quarter or eighth note multiple repeats, two multi-tap settings, slap ducking, ping pong, sweep, swell and reverse delays. So as you can see, abundant is the EM600 with features, but you only get two seconds max of delay itself.

Finally, the trail and type switches give the pedal that old analogue, vintage twang; mixing it up with the newer functions can really make your guitar sound very versatile indeed. Background noise is a slight issue with this pedal but you can’t really go wrong for the price.

The Behringer Echo Machine EM600 retails at £36