Gear4music Introduces PL-400 Piano

pianoGear4music has released their latest digital piano, the PL-400. The lowest price digital piano in the range Gear4music offers, the PL-400 sports 88 weighted keys, seven touch sensitivity settings, and 64 voice polyphone. There are also eight sample sounds that provide for sounds such as the organ and Harpsichords, in additional to the traditional sound of the instrument.

Like other PL range pianos, the PL-400 features a USB MIDI interface, allowing for simple integration into software setups. The PL-400 is also available in both Dark Apple and Maple cabinets. Full specifications are as follows:

  • High resolution sampled audio for super realistic sounds
  • Sounds 2 x Acoustic Pianos, 2 x Electric Pianos, Church Organ, Harpsicord, Vibes, Strings
  • Sounds can be layered
  • 9 Reverb settings
  • Built in metronome
  • Assignable Beat and speed settings
  • Transpose to any key
  • Set your own tuning curve
  • Play/record your compositions – songs can be recorded and played-back
  • USB MIDI interface
  • 7 touch sensitivity settings to suit your style
  • 20 Demo songs
  • 2 x Headphone sockets
  • Built in 20W speakers
  • Aux In, Aux Out connections
  • Dimensions: 1360 (width) x 789 (height) x 425 (height)

For more information, visit the official site. The only confirmed price point thus far is $369.95 in the UK, although a two-year warranty is standard, along with a 14-day money back guarantee. There are only 26 in stock at the online store though, so act fast!

Source: Gear4music

One thought on “Gear4music Introduces PL-400 Piano”

  1. Dear Simon Wass,
    I am interested in the PL400 digital piano (maple). But why must I pay an extra £48 because I live in Spain? (On top of the £70 delivery charge). This adds up to approx £110 more than the UK (delivered) price. This seems heavily loaded against me and over the past year the ghastly exchange rate has taken away 30% of my pension.
    If I could buy at the standard price (£370) plus delivery (£70), I would order tomorrow.
    Alec Grace.

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