Behringer Super Flanger SF400


This Super Flanger SF400 is straight out of Behringer‘s new pedal series of ‘Real Sound Modelling Pedals.’ That’s all very well and good but does this flimsy flanger deliver?

Now, those who are at home to the genius of Behringer will know that among the newly fashioned pedals they produce, they churn out all sorts of speakers, headphones and other pro audio equipment. The foundations have been laid and I can’t wait to shake them down, using their own Flanger.

Keeping the cost down has meant that the chassis is made from plastic. You will have to be light when stomping the… well… stompbox, ironically. There is a huge upside to this though, it’s incredibly cheap for what it is.

Flange is arguably regarded as a bit of a dated effect, the classic and misconceived sound of a jet inspired Dopper-effect. Behringer have included all the classic tweaks as to not dismay guitarists looking for marginalisation. You get your depth, rate and resonance controls but there’s the all important switch that sets this pedal apart from others, the mode switch. This allows you to choose between a standard effect, a much deeper ‘ultra flange’, a gate/pan effect and a momentary flanger. With some tweaking you can get a forced chorus. Accent it more by cutting it in and out. Something Mike Einziger, Incubus lead guitarist would love in his pedal arson.

Affordable and fantastic, adaptable sounds and from a brand who really know their stuff… what are you waiting for?!

The Behringer Super Flanger SF400 retails at just £36.