Blackstar HT-55 Amp


With low power-amps really taking off in the current amp market, Blackstar just made things a lot more difficult…

With a power rating of only 5 watts there is probably no surprise to hear that the amp started out as one of Blackstar’s award winning HT valve overdrive pedals. It is said that the idea then properly came about after Blackstar’s Japanese distributor asked whether the UK company could supply a power amp to partner them. The result, this reserved, breakthrough of a mini stack.

This amp is truly bursting at its black vinyl seams with features. The ISF, or ‘Infinite Space Feature’, offers a switch that toggles between the features tonality settings; one way for an aggressive American buzz and the other for a more clean and chirp British attire. There really isn’t a need at all for a second channel. You can get the tubes nice and crunchy just by throttling the volume to the max. However, the second channel holds some really classy bluesy notes in the lower register. You can really get all this tone at a lower volume, just like it says on the Blackstar tin.

The EQ section is fuss-free and easy to use. There is a lot of tweaking to be had here but they don’t overdo it, keeping it brief with only a few knobs on the preamp. Unfortunately, what’s more is there is a bit of a problem with the size of the cabinet that comes with the amp set up. Plugging into a single 1×12 cab brings out the head’s potential.

If you like attractive pricing and impressive valve tones, you can’t go wrong!

The Blackstar HT-55 head and cabs retail at £399.