Rob Williams Set Neck Standard


A pioneering standard… The best of the British peak.

Rob Williams has put in time with Jaydee Guitars, as a warranty repair technician for many of the major USA brands and with Patrick Eggle Guitars before eventually forming his own company.

Much of the British market hasn’t come into contact with this type of brands before. Many independent companies like this go into liquidation after a few years, due to not moving enough stock. Rob Williams however have taken the characterists of Ibanez in it’s styling and combined this with their own hardware and electrics. The fingerboard is Indian rosewood and the neck itself Brazillian mahogany.The playability results are staggering.

When strumming the guitar acoustically the feel gives the impression it is one solid piece. It is hugely resonant. When plugging in the RLW pickups immediately represent the guitar in it’s purpose. The result is a bright and light sound around the top end. However if you like a lot of warmth out of your guitar you should consider an MXR pedal to hook up between amp and guitar. Because the body is so thin there isn’t really much depth. This does mean though that sustain is preserved in the mix and when pushing the boundaries with distortion settings, the attack proves to be blistering, to say the very least.

The price is considerable, but high quality materials don’t come cheap! This is a fantastically well made instrument.

The Rob Williams Set Neck Standard retails at £2,336.