Zoom H4N review


Raising the standard again… Zoom’s H4N (H4 pictured) proves to be an amazingly useful little device.

Not only does the H4N have integral X/Y stereo condenser microphones but it also can double up as a multitracking recorder. With it’s four track recording base giving the portable recorder the qualities of a professional studio, the integrated effects can be used to buff out the individual tracks to give a huge sense of space.

You can also use the rubberised, shock resistant device in relation with the two microphones, giving a fantastic stereo spread. Even when the phantom power is switched on you will still be able to get a good ten out of the two AA batteries.

One of the first thing that I noticed watches the lack of input controls on the face of the recorder itself. Instead, the only thing that you get is a few switches – low, mid and high – via switches. It baffles me why there aren’t any easier switches that allow you to immediately alter the recording mix, without having to go through the tiny menus and miniscule icons to set things straight.

There is some good news in all this though. There is a fantastic function on the H4N where the MP3 or WAV setting can be changed in an instant by one button. What’s more is that the device will remember the last sample rate that you used making this device small and clever too.

The Zoom H4N retails at around £329.99.