Hipshot Bass Xtender


Ever wished that you could go to drop D from standard tuning in a flash, with no messing about with tuning half way through your set?

These clever contraptions from Hipshot are instant relief from performance pandemonium. The basic principle is that this clever little device replaces your old E-string tuning machine. With a flick of a spring-loaded catch the whole mechanism extends, increasing the string’s length by a specific amount which can be set using a small thumbscrew. The range is so great it can even be calibrated to deal with drop C or B.

This is especially good for the player who may be at an open gig night, only having one bass in their rack. Or just hating the tedious looking down to your tuner to find that you’re way off from where you thought you were.

Luckily too that they come in a range of colours to fit with your other machine heads.

The price is somewhat misguiding to the player who doesn’t really have any use for this. If however you have the playing style where you will need to change tuning accurately and quickly, this is definitely for you.

The Hipshot Bass Xtender £73.90.