Takamine TC132SC


Takamine’s nylon-string semi-electric kicks out the jams…

I know, using the word ‘jam’ with a semi acoustic doesn’t really work, but bare with me. There is a new found need for this type of instrument capability. Projection has always been where nylon-stringed guitars fall short; thank God for Takamine’s own pickup. But there’s more…

Incorporated into the solid cedar and rosewood body of the TC132SC is not only the standard battery and pickup, but the Takamine’s new CTP-2 Cool Tube preamp. The system includes a useful flashing light to signify operation and a chromatic tuner. There is finally an auxiliary jack and volume knob for controlling an add-on pickup. Useful if you’re playing into a desk and they prefer you to use theirs.

There is plenty of warmth and texture in this guitar. Primarily this is put down to the exotic and sturdy concoction of materials that make the Japanese classical instrument shout out with clarity. It has a fluid and mixed voice. It’s hard to put your finger on at first when playing it. Because the preamp is heavy with all that valve technology, there is a lot of low end timbre. Bright but springy at the same time. Additionally, the sound box and therefore the body is perfectly shaped for fast work. Fantastic playability… ability!

The Takamine TC132SC retails at £980.