Mariner Masthead DX-6N


Breathing life into indie strumming, the Masthead DX-6N leads the fight against blandness…

Mariner Guitars boast that their timber is sourced from ‘only the finest grain,’ and that they are used throughout in helping construct the guitar. This would explain why it’s counterpart – the Archive series – is a little cheaper than this Masthead. The purfling and the maple binding show that more than hard thinking went into constructing this.

This guitar’s constructive bio in a nutshell: ‘a Martin, for a fraction of the price.’ It is a little girthier around the bottom bout of the body. This makes for a fantastic strumming action. Pleasing the other hand too is the low profile neck. While a bit chunky and throwable in feel, it is technically quite slim in comparison to its counterparts.

The tone is well balanced and projecting farther than I thought it might. The DX-6N has substantial dynamic range to provide a good acoustic base to do single note runs on – without breaking your plectrums. This is definitely suited to more experimental guitarists, not afraid to go up the dusty plus-12 fret track. Why not indeed, especially when there is no fret buzz and the cut-away is at fret 15.

The dynamic range of this guitar is like nothing I have heard in another guitar recently. Value for money is out there and is a strong contender in its price group.

The Mariner Masthead DX-6N retails at £799.