Duesenberg Pomona 6 pedal steel


Not like any other guitar you’ll see out there, granted, but playability-wise the Duesenberg Pomona 6 is a gem…Whether it be Hawaiian, blues, blue-grass, Western swing or even rock and pop, the lap steel is a hugely versatile instrument. Tuned to open chords, most guitarists will be able to bang out a few blinders with a bottle neck.

The Pomona’s build quality is top rate.  A great slab of mahogany is used for the neck/body and shaped to fit the time period when Art-Deco was around. Regardless of however long ago it was, it looks timeless today.

Apart from the shape of this horizontal-sound, delve a little further to check out the features; the most impressive being the capo system. Changing the key of what you want to play in could never be simpler; undo the capo bar and move up to where you need it. Much like the of the capo system, user-friendliness is echoed in the bending leavers. You can easily get two semitones out of this. All in all, simple – less to go wrong.

Duesenberg’s Little Toaster pickups are so called because they cry Rickenbacker. To be more specific; the 1950’s ‘toaster top’ humbuckers. Response is similar to that of a standard guitar because of the surprisingly similar scale. The tonal response follows suit, it is clear, from trying it out working with a clean channel, that there is a slightly less fat and chewy overall sound in the mids. The higher frequencies prove to show no sign of decay and compromise to sustain.

While the volume pots leave something to be desired when performing swells, this little nit-pick is only a nit-pick. I’ve had to think hard to come up with something bad to say about it!

The Duesenberg Pomona 6 retails at £889.