Fohhn Introduces WaveLine PT-8

speakersBased on Fohhn's PT-9 series in its technology and design, the WaveLine Compact PT-8 line array speaker system is coming courtesy of Fohnn and Systems Workshop Distribution. A two-way, twin-coaxial, horn loaded line array speaker, the WaveLine Compact PT-8 line array speaker system features a multi-layered ply 15mm enclosure sealed with polyurea varnish. Two NL4MP Speakon connectors are married with PT-8 flyware. Also, one 1.4 inch neodymium compression driver with HF phase EQ is combined with two 6.5 inch drivers, with each speaker sporting a power handling capacity of 300 W and 70 W.

The WaveLine Compact PT-8, designed especially for concert halls, opera houses and theaters, can be combined with Fohhn's XS-30, XS-4, and PS-9 subwoofers, as well as the A-2.2100 DSP amp. Fohhn also touts the weight of the machine, at just 14.5 kg per box, and its ability to work well with stacked PA systems. Two aluminum handles help with portability and setup.

For more information, click here.

Source: Harmony-Central

Get On-Stage with the RS7500 Amp Stand

micstandOn-Stage Stands has announced their RS7500 Tiltback Amplifier Stand, an accessory that they hope guitarists will be interested in in order to improve the stage area and make hearing while playing an easier process.

The RS7500 Tiltback Amplifier Stand joins two other RS models from On-Stage Stands the RS7000 and RS7705. The RS7500 offers 5 different ways the amplifier can be tilted, in accordance with the musician's preference. Due to the ability to tilt the amp, players can have the amp aimed at their heads rather than their legs, improving the ability to hear tones correctly. Also, On-Stage stands suggests that, thanks to the sound being aimed directly towards the ears, the amp can be operated at a lower sound level and thus help with durability. Extra mic stands are not necessary for the RS7500, thanks to the included integrated threaded shaft end.

The RS7500 has a 28 stance, weighs just 100 lbs, and supports 1×10, 2×10, 4×10, 1×12, 2×12, and 1×15 speaker configurations. The RS7500 will run you $49.99.


Puremagnetik Struts Out Guitar Rack Vol. 3

guitarrackPuremagnetik is in the news again this month, with the latest in their Guitar Rack series. The 3rd installment of their software covers jazz, rock and blues, with hammer-on, staccato, and slide multi-sample menus. Guitar instruments in this installment are represented by a 1963 Guild Starfire hollow body.

Guitar Rack Volume 3 sports more than 70 looped clips with support in a majority of DAWs. The volume is customized with Kontakt & Logic, and Ableton Live in mind. Kontakt’s native KSP processing is in full effect, while the Logic version provides a number of Apple Loops. Additionally, the Ableton Live clips supply a preloaded amp effect.

Here is the full rundown of the software:

*  Over 700 24-bit multisamples
* 5 sophisticated hollow body instruments
* Over 70 Live Clips and Apple Loops
* Add-on Amp Effect Pack for Live 8
* Custom Kontakt KSP GUI and native Kontakt effects

400MB of free hard drive space is needed, which, we surmise, really shouldn’t be a problem for our readers. 250MB of physical RAM are also necessary. For more, click here.

Source: Harmony-Central

QuikQuak Announces UpStereo 2.00

qwikqwakUpStereo 2.00 works as a stereo enhancer, a tool designed to take mixes and increase their power and stereo width, thanks to control boosts, overdrive options, and more.

UpStereo 2.00 debuted today and is available for Windows & Max OSX. The program provides a stereo width slider that “slides” from mono to wide. This produces the effect of bring the stereo image out to the person listening. Also featured in UpStereo 2.00 is a loudness control boost, air and bass boosters that act to lift the audio, an overdrive option, and an adjustable 3D interface. This adjustable 3D interface sports both colors that can be changed and also light positions that can be fully altered. Further, UpStereo prides itself on its “very” low CPU usage, so ideally your computer shouldn’t be very bogged down, no matter what kind of unit you are working with. (Actually, take that last phrasing with a grain of salt, of course. We hope you have a respectable computing rig in your home or studio.)

Perhaps the best thing about the UpStereo 2.00 is that it is absolutely free. Save your pocketbook some hurt in this bad economy and check out the UpStereo 2.00 here.


Grover Percussion Shakes New Tambourine Models

groverToday Grover Pro Percussion Inc. heralded the release of their new tambourine models. The new tambourines feature REMO Renaissance heads that can help outdoor musicians with performing in warm, humid conditions, which could otherwise prove to be quite the problem.

Designed for use in such moist conditions, the new Grover tambourines purportedly are nearly unperturbed altogether by humidity. President and Founder Neil Grover complimented his product, saying, “The new models are terrific; really great for playing at outdoor venues. I can’t wait to use this model on the Esplanade during our big July 4th concert,” commented Grover, a member of the Boston Pops. “It will work out perfectly.”

The three new tambourine models all feature a strong hardwood shell, dual-width double row jingle slots, double row hand-hammered jingles, and captive pins. The T2/GS-X German Silver jingles model carries a price of $184. The T2/GsPh Silver/Bronze combo lists at $189, and the T2/BC-X Beryllium Copper model comes in at $208. So, why not get shaking with these today? If you’re interested, the website is here with further information.

Source: Harmony-Central

Motion Samples Provides Three Sample Libraries

boomdrumThree fresh sample libraries from Motion Samples have hit the music scene today.

The first is Boombonic Drum Loops. For $25.00, users receive a package of 35 different beats comprised of 250 different drum loops. Snares, bass kicks, clear hats and other sound effects are contained within Boombonix Drum Loops, focusing on Dirty South club and radio beats.

The second package, Boombonix Drum Samples, sits at a slightly higher price of $35.00 and features sounds created with the help of analog drum machines with a mix-in of digital drum synths.

Finally, the third package comes in at more of a premium price. Trance Melody Sessions Vol 1 comes in at $40.00 and represents the first from Motion Samples in this session format. The collection sports 250 loops and 20 songs. The set features a number of sounds, ranging from leads, stacked synths, plucks, piano, guitars, chords, bass and more. These are all combined into 20 separate sessions folders. Motion Samples takes pride in the fact plug-in sounds were not included at all.

All the collections feature Wave files.


AXL Guitars Debuts Two New Badwater Hues

badwaterguitarAXL Guitars today has introduced two new color members of the AXL Guitars family.

The Badwater electric guitar series from AXL is getting a couple of fresh hues thanks to Dark Red and Dark Grey variants of the Badwater electric guitar (AS-820-DRD/DGY). Badwaters come standard with a double-cutaway Alder body. A vintage look is applied to the body thanks to a hand-distressed process, and a rosewood fretboard adds some distinction. Further, each Badwater sports EMG-designed pickups that consist of a humbucker and two single coils. The AXL badge can of course be found directly laid into the wood. The guitars smack of a classic look and feel.

Each of the new Badwater guitars can be secured in the new colors for a list price of $239.99. AXL believes this represents quite the bang for your buck given the price of other vintage guitar instruments, but you may want to try one today before taking their word – after all, they are available now. Head here for more information.

Source: Harmony-Central

Impact Soundworks Offers “Groove Bias” for Download

groovebiasImpact Soundworks has a new drum sample library on hand, “Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds.”

The new release is Impact Soundworks‘ third product and represents a combined venture from both Impact Soundworks and Andrew Aversa and Wilbert Roget, II, both sound designers who are looking to provide fresh sample libraries for composers. Soundworks’ “Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds” is a rare library that chooses to concentrate on acoustic drum kits that are represented in a 1960s and 1970s style.

“The drum sounds of the 60s and 70s have been captivating producers and engineers such as me for decades. Countless tracks have featured samples taken from funk records, but no one has made an effort to create a new collection of old-school sounds with that vintage tone,” said Andrew Aversa, lead developer of the product.

“Groove Bias” includes three custom kits in conjunction with a sampling of percussive instruments. Andrew Aversa provides design and editing work, and also worked on Impact Soundworks’ own “Sitar Nation” collection. A number of microphones were used in the recording, and the library ultimately has turned into a product of nearly 4,000 samples spanning almost 4 gigabytes of data. It is programmed over 139 Kontakt (version 2+) patches, but is available in EXS-24, Reason NN-XT (at 16/44.1), and Halion formats. Battery and Gigastudio formats are also incoming.

The sample library can be downloaded now for $99. See here.


Lucida Unveils Three Bajo Quinto Models

banjoThree new Bajo Quinto models from Lucida have been revealed today following the Memorial Day weekend in America, and each boast a classic mariachi sound devoid of some of the “muddiness” derived from the low E-strings of a Bajo Sexto, quotes the company. Built from the tonewoods that comprise the Lucida Bajo Sexto, the Bajo Quinto comes in three configurations. The three models are: the acoustic model (LG-BQ1), thin-body electric model (LG-BQ2-E), and acoustic-electric model (LG-BQ1-E). All three sport solid spruce tops, rosewood fretboards and bridges, mahogany backs, necks and sides, and 3-ply body binding. Cutaway designs allow for more convenient access to the upper frets of the guitars, as well.

Each of the Bajo Quintos with 4-band EQ pickups retail for $399.99, while the base Bajo Quinto comes in at just $329.99, making these fairly affordable. All three of the Bajo Quinto models are currently available, so consumers will have the option of getting their mitts on any of these three intriguing designs in short order.

For more information, check out the website here.

Source: Harmony-Central

Loar Reveals Black Gloss LH-600 Acoustic

blackguitarLoar’s LH-600 archtop guitar is a design the company takes pride in, with a classic look derived from early 1900s American guitars. The archtop is a hard-carved affair featuring graduated wood, and now Loar is announcing that the LH-600 is coming with a fresh coat of paint.

The LH-600 from Loar now features a black gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish and a design heralding straight out of the Roaring 20s. The sides and back of the LH-600 are made from solid maple, and the top is made from graduated spruce. The black lacquer finish enables the acoustic guitar a heightened level of acoustic projection. Also featured on the guitar is an adjustable ebony bridge and ebony fretboard, and a one-piece mahogany neck.

Loar’s LH-600 also comes in the vintage sunburst design. Both carry a list price of $1,199.99 and come with a featherweight case. Needless to say, these designs are not for the novice guitarist! However, if you are willing to devote a paycheck to one of these beauties, you can find the official site here. Availability has not yet been determined, aside from “coming soon”.