NetworkSound Releases Mamba XLR Patch Bay

mambaNetworkSound has released their 16 Point Reversible XLR Combo to XLR Patch Bay, designed to allow for a simple solution to patching 16 XLR connections within one rack unit.

The solution provided by NetworkSound and their Mamba 16 Point XLR Patch Bay is aimed at audio engineers who have had their fair share of headaches dealing with XLR connector access on equipment, or lack thereof. The Mamba 16 Point XLR Patch Bay attempts to fix this problem and provide some relief for such engineers with the ability to connect all XLR inputs and outputs to the patch bay on the rack. These can all be patched in any array and method that the user’s heart desires.

The Mamba XLR utilizes gold plated contact Neutrik parts all enclosed in 1 RU box. The 16 point XLR combo patch bay comes in at $199. Below are further specifications to sate your interest.

* 16 channels of XLR F/TRS (Combo) on front
* 16 channels of XLR Male on back
* Reversible in group of 8 or 16
* Custom configurable (12 F and 6 M etc)
* Compact 1U rack mount chassis & solid steel
* Neutrik XLR quality, gold plated and durable connectors
* Modular approach with reversible options
* Only 2″ depth
* Mount the unit front or rear on the rack
* Enclosed box to shield any outside interference
* All connectors are mounted on PCB
* All connections are routed on board (No wires)
* No interference and clean analog pass thru
* Very affordable