In-Ear Monitoring Gets Jump Audio Treatment

inearJump Audio today is releasing the RXM In-Ear Monitor System, a remote volume control for a headphone amp that is designed to operate in both studio and live situations. Whether you are a drummer or a choir singer, Jump Audio believes their in-ear monitor system can cater to your needs.

The RXM In-Ear Monitor System is comprised of two base pieces, the RXM Cable and the RXM Bodypack. The RXM Cable is eighteen feet long and is a TRS to XLR unit that interacts with the RXM Bodypack. The TRS connector goes into the headphone output, while the XLR connector meanwhile gets notched directly into the Bodypack. The Bodypack is designed to operate as a belt pack sporting a single-knob for full volume manipulation. The RXM In-Ear Monitor System adjusts to both live/studio situations via a ΒΌ inch headphone jack and 3.5 mm headphone jack for studio and live conditions, respectively.

The RXM In-Ear Monitoring System requires no batteries. The 1/4inch and XLR connectors are Neutrik connectors. Further information is available here.