Genelec Debuts Tri-Amplified Active Monitoring System

genelecGenelec has debuted their new 1038CF Tri-Amplified Active Monitoring System. Featuring loudspeaker drivers within a slick enclosure that checks in at only 9.25″/235 mm, the device is made for medium-sized control rooms and is custom-built to adhere to the rigors imposed by music recording environments and film and video post-production tasks.

Based on the Genelec 1038B 3-Way Monitoring System, the 1038CF sports dual eight-inch long throw bass drivers, low level crossovers, and a number of power amplifiers. The 1038CF is the brain-child of Genelec engineers who have realized that modern audio production rooms can often be tiny and that multichannel environments usually utilize a combination of bass management and subwoofers to cover LF and LFE content and signals. The larger 1038B is not optimal for such environments, but the 1038CF is designed from the ground up to accommodate for them.

Specifications for the 1038CF include a bass response down to 55 Hz, a built-in tri-amplifier unit, a 5.12″ (130-mm) proprietary Genelec driver, one-inch (25-mm) metal dome tweeter, and a total of 420 watts of amp power that pump into dual 8-inch (210-mm) bass drivers. The 1038CF can also optionally be paired with a subwoofer in both multichannel and studio applications,

For more specifications and information, visit the official site.

Source: Harmony-Central