Arteffect Announces ArtCAR Potentiometers

artcarToday Arteffect dropped a small press release concerning their new ArtCAR potentiometer. We wish we had more to share on this one, but the press release left us with little to work with, so we’ll share what was provided. The scant details are following.

Arteffect’s ArtCAR comes about from a self-reported hefty load of R&D aimed at recreating the tone shaping capabilities and vintage feel of classic wah potentiometers. Concurrently, Arteffect aimed to draw out and expand the wah’s responsive range further than previously thought possible. They claim they have achieved both endeavors with the ArtCAR, which is a custom manufactured potentiometer used in Arteffect‘s own Bonnie wah pedals. Fitted with a molded dust cover, the ArtCAR potentiometers fit all Dunlop & Vox wah pedals.

Source: Harmony-Central