Peavey Presents Duo of New Amps

peaveyPeavey is stepping up this week with two new amplifier models, the VYPYR Tube 120 2×12 and the VYPYR Tube 60 1×12. The combo amplifiers feature 11 editable preamp stomp box effects and 11 fully editable post-amp rack effects, all complete with global reverb, global delay and dual-parameter control. Both the Tube 60 and Tube 120 take design cues from Peavey's own 6505 model with their 6L6GC tube power amp. Also featured in the twin Tubes is a preamp that marries the 12AX7 tube design with Peavey's own TransTube tone.

The new VYPYR amp series features twice the processing power and effects than many similar modeling amplifiers, according to material published by Peavey. The VYPYR series is based on 32 bit, floating-point SHARC processors that allows for increased flexibility over other guitar amplification options.

The Peavey VYPYR Series was named Product of the Year by Music & Sound Retailer in the annual Music & Sound Awards, as well as the Amplifier Line of the Year award as a result of retailer voting in the Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) magazine, among other recognitions.

The VYPYR Tube 120 retails for $799.00, while the VYPYR Tube 60 retails for $599.00.

Source: Harmony-Central