Lag Mastershop R3000 SPM Review


C’est fantastique! The French luthier Michel Lag Chavarria gives PRS a run for their money with this new model – Roxanne

The flamed, rippled angel wings and the quilted maple tops, all brought to life by the incredibly rare maple tops… I know, it sounds as if this is some sort of mythical being C.S Lewis would happily personify. The attention to detail isn’t too disimilar though. When sourcing wood for this guitar it is estimated that when harvesting the actual spalt maple it can rot in minutes if not treated correctly. A hugely skilled business.

Of course, the top layer of the body is the most impressive but don’t think that Lag has skipped on the other materials. The body is solid African mahogany, and the fingerboard too, also African – ebony. Handcrafted in Bedarieux, Southern France, it really shows the lengths Lag have gone to in order to guarantee perfection.

When looking at it, it somehow speaks volumes, in the way a Les Paul Classic might. That slim, taper look makes for great playability. The string spacing (51mm) is perfect for long, sustained solo’s or fast and choppy rhythm work. So why not buy a PRS or the Classic then?

The sounds are ballistic. The tonal longevity comes from nowhere. Even with the high gain DiMarzio covered humbuckers there still is scope for powerful delivery at very low levels. A true sign of a good pickup is its response to pick attack. This wasn’t overseen when building the guitar at all. The rhythm tone is the real deal, full of harmonics and character, while the neck pickup is supple and rich with presence.

The R3000 SPM is a little pricey but if you want a one off, for someone to truly be in awe before they’ve even heard you play the guitar, you can only choose this.

The Lag Mastershop R3000 SPM retails from £1,999 – £2,259.