Organic Custom Drums Releases Hybrid Snares

organicdrums1With all of the guitar news of late, here’s a little something that may impress the drummers out there, courtesy of Organic Custom Drums.

Organic Custom Drums is introducing their new hybrid snare drums set. The Dual Floating Shell design that Organic Custom Drums has patented makes its way into these hybrid snares. The Dual Floating Shell provides the drums with two separate shells that are combined together via a central ring apparatus, and the rest of the hardware is attached at this point.

The rest of the design of the Organic Custom Drums hybrid snares is comprised of a 1/8 inch thick aluminum top shell that is coupled with a birch or maple bottom shell, depending on your specific configuration. The maple and birch bottoms come in both 8 and 10-ply variations. Also, the hybrid snares come in a large variety of sizes, including 5 x 14, 6 x 14, 7 x 14, and 8 x 14. Other features of the Organic Custom Drums snare are Pure Sound Custom 20-strand snare wires, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, and Trick GS007 throwoff.

“Combining the bright, articulate sound of aluminum with maple’s warmer characteristics or the punchy, controlled sound of birch, gives drummers unique sonic and visual options not available with standard single-shelled drums,” said Artie Eaton, Director of Business Relations for Organic Custom Drums. “With these new hybrid models, drummers are able to leverage the best qualities of each shell material, with the added advantages offered by Organic Custom Drums’ Dual Floating Shell design.”

Custom versions are provided by special request, although the standard configurations of the instrument start at $945.00. The website is here.