Hartke HyDrive 115C bass combo


Kicking back at the bass combo competition, Hartke aren’t failing to deliver…

This small (by comparison) 250 watt combo is perfect for both small gigs and larger venues. Besides, if either one of these venues get a bit tightly packed with people the entire HyDrive range can cope with it; sporting internal bracing, a high quality plywood cabinet and corner protectors. This all sounds a bit heavy to be lugging around giggable venues but it is surprisingly manageable. The sound ratio far outweighs its own weight.

The 15 inch speaker is more than enough to cause more than a stir in your local. With good low-end capabilities, made possible by Hartke’s own seven band EQ, you can also expect a good punch in the mid to top range. Hartke has always been about tone and power but things have changed here – for the good. It still hits all the right spots with power but the tone has been harnessed somewhat in its mid-range deliverance.

With all this power you would have though that there be a bit of background noise when cranking bass attack overdrive; it’s minimal to non-existent. The bottom end is expansive and controllable whereas the top end is crisp and clear.

Many bass combos leave you high and dry; wanting something more. But with the HyDrive 115C there is none of that. It’s like there is an animal trying to get out, but held back by the sublime EQ. Just as well there’s a massive steel grill on the front!

The Hartke HyDrive 115C retails at £672.