Alfred Music Publishing Reveals Total Blues Bassist

totalbluesAlfred Music Publishing has been pretty busy this week, particularly in the software sector. While the company has also released the latest in their Alfred Artist DVD Series with the Greg Howe addition, the music publisher is engaging in more software releases with the newest in their Total series, the Total Blues Bassist.

The Total series is designed to help beginners and intermediate students alike, while more advanced users may still pick up helpful tips along the course of their DVD series. Now, Total Blues Bassist takes aim at helping blues lovers to capture the meaning and depth of the music. Techniques included in the Total Blues Bassist collection include instruction on left and right hand techniques, as well as creating bass lines with dynamics and silence. A full window of styles are covered, including Chicago blues, Texas blues, Delta blues, jazz blues, funk and more.

The Total Blues Bassist is available immediately, and comes as a combined book and CD set. The set is available in retail stores and online here for $19.95. So, if you already own an instrument, a twenty dollar investment to learn how to play it better may not be the worst investment, no?