Tyler Mongoose Special


Don’t be fooled by the classic good looks, Tyler’s Mongoose Special proves to be a bit of an animal…

Echoing curves of a Melody Maker joined at the neck by a Telecaster the Mongoose’s shape has been honed and fiddled with since the mid 90’s. With a seemingly simplistic all-mahogany construction housing exquisite soap-bar single coil pickups, the Mongoose looks as if it took its soul from a Les Paul Special.

But, rest assured, this is no copy. The base bouts are rounder than a Telecaster giving a larger perception of space in the cutaway. The edges are rounder so that it fits a bit better into the player when standing to play. These subtle comfort contour tweaks give better upper-fret access. However that access was granted but playing above the 15th fret was difficult. Sustain had been compromised somehow, but after a few adjustments to bridge teeth we were screaming!

Electrical hardware selection has been thought about carefully in this guitar. The resonant one-piece-meets-hollow mahogany body and the marriage of the P-90-like pickups are the key to this guitar’s superlative appeal. Spacing of the Tyler pickups is evidence that there is no compromise, in Tyler’s eyes, in tone, for the sake of style. There is a contrasting thick, Tele-tone when playing clean through the back pickup whereas when the neck pickup is a bit softer and quite fluid.

This is a guitar geared up for funksters. With its brilliant string spacing and fast action this is a guitar Les Paul Special fans should seek out.

The Tyler Mongoose Special retails at £2,599.