Gibson Custom Announces Krieger SG

kriegersgGibson Custom has announced the Robby Krieger SG, a new guitar inspired by The Doors lead singer. From 1965 to 1971, Krieger was the frontman for the American rock group, and during that span Krieger would often turn to the Gibson SG during songwriting sessions. Now, this inspired by version of the SG hopes to wow fans of The Doors and music aficionados alike.

Gibson Custom is calling the new Krieger SG their most comfortable SG yet, combining features from past SG iterations that Krieger himself used. The guitar body is made of solid mahogany and sports a thin look throughout that hearkens back to the 1960s SG models. A full 22-fret rosewood fingerboard is included, and in a nod to Krieger's own preference, the Krieger SG is finished in Aged Dark Heritage Cherry. While the guitar neck is a one-piece, a hybrid neck profile represents the 1967 SG Standard Krieger owned. Also, Krieger selected Gibson's '57 Classic humbucker pickups for this SG, in an effort to mirror the signature sound from songs like Roadhouse Blues. The full, balanced tone that is a nod to the Patent Applied For humbuckers of the 1950s should please fans looking for a wide amount of tonal options.

Aside from the above mish-mash of elements, the rest of the Krieger SG from Gibson Custom features Gibson SG Standard parts, from the ABR-1 Bridge to the Maestro tailpiece tremolo system. As can be expected however, the Krieger SG is a limited run affair. Only 150 Krieger SG's will be made available, and the breakdown gets even smaller than that, with only 50 of those 100 guitars featuring the aged look to promote the look of Krieger's instrument. The other 100 come in the Gibson Custom V.O.S. finish. Each will also ship with a custom care kit, certificate of authenticity, and Gibson Custom case. For more, visit the official website.

Source: Gibson Custom