Yamaha Guitar FJX730SC


This new mini-jumbo looks as though it should be part of Yamaha’s LJX range. But with a new contact-sensor system this is an innovative stroke of genius by anyone’s standards…

With such a varied back catalogue of models, Yamaha can be trusted to get things right when it comes to the style of their instruments. The main difference between this and the other main contender in the range is the FGX730SC. It’s more of a dreadnought with a larger single cut body whereas this FJX is a tight little strummer – a mini jumbo. Fantastic for quick work and really responsive however hard you want to whack out the chords.

Something that I was a little disappointed about though was the spacing of the strings. Yamaha players will know what i’m talking about and probably won’t see the problem now they’re accustom to it. The fretboard is quite square-sided in section. This makes for a jittery action when playing runs up and down the range. It’ll take a bit of getting used to.

The hardware on the guitar is first rate. The rim-mounted preamp, with separate battery holder, sports an auto-chromatic tuner and a three band EQ with a sweep from 80Hz to 10kHz. This is useful depending on what you are wanting to play; the bottom end is rich and creamy with subtle attack when you really press on. The infamous Yamaha sustain is augmented in this model by an improved action setup.

With a fantastic build quality rivalling its’ handcrafted superiors, the FJX730SC is setting a new bench-mark in craftsmanship. Sure, it’s a little hard to get used to but it’s worth adapting and arguably, getting out of those ‘bad habits.’

The Yamaha FJX730SC retails at £582.