Taylor T3/B Guitar Review


Taylor has really made huge splash in the water here. A first for them in this area of the market too – with a Bigsby vibrato too…

I say a first for them, there was the T5 but there’s no point on drawing parallels to that from this. Sure, when taking a look at it for the first time, you get the impression that it is straight out of the fifties. The Bigsby Vibrato is a big giveaway to what the purpose and meaning behind this guitar is all about.

The T3/B is very ES-335-esque with its single-cutaway style, huge lashings of maple and all the while sporting a semi-solid body. As you can imagine, this does loads for tonal credibility. It isn’t particularly loud acoustically but does have a more than pleasant, lively resonance.

With a clean setting on a TSL602 Marshall combo it was clear that that there is huge promise for country players; offering big, bright and instantly twangy tones. There really is great clarity due to the fantastic single coil pickups – which are very White Falcon-like. They are well positioned and therefore, playing in the middle selector position, it is a bit softer and hollowed than the bridge pickup position.

Things get a bit more lively with more gain, obviously; but in a way that Jack White could probably explain, it delivers with verve and attack. The Bigsby really comes into its own when you get into using fuzz effects of heavy distortion. There are miles of sustain and even when properly pushed, strings hold their pitch.

This is a fantastic marriage of 50’s style meeting quality modern hardware. It is a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Get yourself to a dealer and try it out!

The Taylor T3/B retails at £2,869.