Vintage Organs Vol. 1

gt2Puremagnetik is offering a series of organ Micropaks known as Vintage Organs (clearly, more are to follow). Two classic Ace Tone models make the cut in this edition, and include the Phenix Top 4 and GT7 portable organ.

Puremagnetik has endeavored to recreate these instruments with all the nuances of the originals. Bass pedals and simulated speaker effects are included, as are drawbar controller (the latter are only available in the Kontakt and Live versions, however).

The package comes stuffed with over 500 high quality multisamples that are customized for Kontakt, Logic and Ableton Live. These 500 high quality samples represent a total of six different organ instruments, in the Ableton Live and Kontakt versions of Vintage Organs Volume 1. The Kontakt version has a custom KSP user interface that is specifically designed for swift editing. The Ableton Live version features Macro mappings, as well as the Laslo speaker effect which is used to successfully emulate the famous Leslie rotating loudspeaker.

Here is a brief rundown:

  • Over 500 24-bit organ samples
  • 6 multisampled organ instruments
  • Authentic drawbar and bass pedal controls
  • Laslo speaker effect rack for the Ableton Live version
  • Custom Kontakt KSP GUI and native Kontakt effects

System Requirements

  • Requires Ableton Live 7, Kontakt 3 or OSX based DAW
  • 300 MB free hard drive space
  • 500 MB of physical RAM

For the download page, please click here.