Rotosound Nexus coated strings


The Brit string institution follows suit and joins the coated craze…

Claiming back in the eighties that they were the first to do such things to strings, the new Nexus range sure have been honed.

The acoustic strings, coming in at these three gauges – .0.10-.050,.011-.052 and .012-.054. I have had these on my Takamine G-Series for over three weeks now and I’m seeing no signs of tarnish build-up. They have a real slight feel to them. This is thanks to the special polycoated dressing applied to the strings – it shows when toning it down to perhaps running through a few sweeping arpeggios or lengthy chord progressions.

The electric strings however are a bit more challenging. They have an interesting sound; not quite Shadows twangy but with heightened headroom in the high E string, making it respond badly to hard funk or quick rhythms. However, when strung on a jazz-bodied guitar or a semi-acoustic, the results are astounding when amplified.

These are around double the price of Rotosound’s standard range. But, when considering that these strings sound far better than most polycoated sets out there at the moment and can be ran into the ground, a set is a sound investment.

The Rotosound Nexus coated string range starts at £12.95 per set.