Modern Classic Amp Available Online

wizardampIn need of a new guitar amp? Wizard Amplification may have just what you are looking for with their new Modern Classic (an oxymoron if we have ever heard one, but all the same).

Wizard Amplification has announced today that their Modern Classic will now be much more easily accessible, as their hand-wired point to point, all tube guitar amplifier can now be found online and ordered directly from the manufacturer. Yay for the digital age!

There are two configurations of the Wizard Amplification Modern Classic that can be obtained. The first is in a 50 watt 2 x 12 combo, while the second are 50 and 100 watt head configurations. The following are some of the unit's specifications:

– Two inputs (high and low sensitivity) ideal for amplifier ganging.
– Foot-switching capabilities take you from vintage clean to modern high gain with extended bottom end response.
– Lead Gain with Pull Channel Select, Lead Master with Pull Lead Boost, Rhythm with Pull Rhythm Boost, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence controls.
– 4-8-16 ohm impedance selector.
– White or Gold graphics
– E34L powered 50, 4T50, and 100 watt models.
– Also available in a 2×12″ combo.
– Cabinets are of 100% Baltic birch in construction with recessed steel handles, high quality speaker mounting hardware and aluminum jack plates with Switchcraft jacks.
– High grade Tolex covering add to the ruggedness that make all Wizard Speaker Cabinets a thing of beauty and road worthiness.
– Available in a variety of speaker configurations and power handling options, Wizard Speaker Cabinets reproduce warm and smooth characteristics combined with solid punch and clarity.

Wizard Amplification hopes their 20 years of bass and guitar amplifier expertise will lend itself to the competing natures of the Modern Classic, which marries high gain capability with the calmer tones of more vintage amps. For purchasing information, visit

Source: Harmony-Central