AKG Reveals New C 747 Mic

micRemakes to classic musical instruments and gadgets seem to be all the rage these days, if the last couple days of news are any indication. From our report earlier today on the revamped Ibanez model to yesterday's news of the redesigned and rescaled Deluxe Memory Man, there are a number of products getting facelifts and general retoolings.

Count AKG among the mix of those looking to get in on the fun with the remake of the classic C 747 microphone. The new version, C 747 V11, is specifically designed to bring a premium quality microphone experience and enhanced versatility across a number of conference applications. This versatility is due thanks to the ability for overhead positioning and adaptability with a range of instruments. A sleek, thin appearance also provides versatility in allowing for seamless placement in many environments.

Other features of the C 747 V11 include a hyper-cardioid polar pattern which allows for off-axis rejection to cut back on feedback and unwanted ambient noise, and a switchable LF roll-off filter that minimizes mechanical noise levels. The included RFi shield also permits the C 747 V11 to remove most wireless microphone and mobile phone interference. The mics pre-amp works without a transformer at 9 to 52 V.

The C747 V11 retails for around $699.00 and includes a mini gooseneck, stand adapter, shock mount/adapter, mounting clamp, windscreen and thread link.

Source: Harmony-Central