A More Organized Life: The Guitar Hanger

theguitarhangerWe have had a lot of instrument and amplifier news here of late at Music Gadgets, but here's a little something of another sort for someone who already has their hardware set up and is looking for an accessory to make storage a bit easier.

The Guitar Hanger is a gadget for your….. well, it is about what you would expect. This accessory allows you to get your guitars out of the way, picked up from the living room, and set aside and safe from pets and young children who may inadvertently cause damage to your precious device. The main pitch the company makes for the device is freeing up floor space, although they also maintain that such integral placement of the guitar (hanging near one’s clothes in the closet) will keep a novice guitar player reminded of their new instrument each morning as they awake and dress, and thus lead to more frequent practicing and thus, eventually, a better player. Outside of this theory however, the actual device works via a non-mechanical locking yoke and allows hanging with a closet rod or hook within your home's storage space or bedroom closet. The hanger is composed of nylon/fiber and stainless steel.

Surely this accessory will have limited use for many of our readers, but for those with little floor space or simply a large collection of instruments, this might be worth a look. For ordering information, check out the official web site. The Guitar Hanger will set you back $30.99.

Source: Harmony-Central