Randall RM100PB 2×12 combo


The modular master is back! It’s more versatile and surprisingly heavier than before…

Randall Amplification isn’t very well known in the UK, and arguably, neither is it the best known amp maker out in the states. Founded in 1970 by the late Don Randall, his amplifiers are becoming more and more popular in the heavier end of the American rock scene.

Heavier indeed; weighing in at a whopping 39 kilograms the ‘combo’ isn’t exactly a light. It’s practically double the recommended safe lifting weight for a normal person to cope with. Side grabs and castors make it a little easier but you wouldn’t want to heave it up stairs from the back of your band’s car.

Even if you were to drop it – God forbid considering how much it’s worth – you probably couldn’t break it when looking at the build specs. All the main chassis electronics are mounted on quality through-plated PCBs, including the valve bases. All of this is housed in a solid pressed steel subframe, along with the three transformers that could also be used to run a small town.

What makes the RM100PB and the rest of its range unique is the ability to swap and change the modules of the preamp. Mixing and matching is a must to try and get things right. Literally speaking, the most popular modules are the Blackface, Clean, Tread Plate, Plexi, XTC and Top Boost. Personally though, I found that a good mix to go for are the Twin Reverb-esque Clean module, the coarse and deep overdriven Blackface and the grunty medium distorted Plexi module. All three adhere to single-coil and humbuckers alike; provided you’re a tweaker.

Covering a huge range of modern and vintage sounds, the Randall RM100PB is a little pricey for a combo but has potential work-horse standards meant for professional sessionists. It is essential that you try before you buy here.

The Randall RM100PB 2X12 combo retails at £2,179.