Deluxe Memory Man Gets Revamped

memorymanOriginally introduced in 1978, the Deluxe Memory Man represented in its time a pinnacle in design. Now, manufacturer Electro-Harmonix has redesigned the Deluxe Memory Man and is reissuing it in a die-cast enclosure built for durability.

Reportedly carrying the exact same sound as the original 1978 model, the newly downsized Deluxe Memory Man features the following specifications: a 550mS analog echo/delay, individual dry outputs, die-cast enclosure, analog vibrato, 24 DC-100 power supply, True Bypass, and identical circuit design as the 1978 model.

Both the classic and new Deluxe Memory Man are currently on sale, although the classic model will only be available for a limited time Electro-Harmonix estimates this to be only about one more month, so those looking to grab that version before it is gone needs to act fast. The company insists that the classic Deluxe Memory Man will not be “discontinued”, per se, but the lack of future availability will result in virtually the same outcome.

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