Farida D-32N


This dread-cut dream is Farida’s new flagship, in tone, quality and sounds that emulate its good looks.

Farida are a brand that not a lot of people know about. Since retail chain Dawsons Music began importing Farida’s guitars four years ago they have been going from strength to strength. The smaller body M2 was pretty good with its fast, enthusiastic neck – perhaps meant for funk wannabes. But this new D-32N is a fantastic all rounder for the price.

The build quality is fantastic simply because Farida have sourced materials very well and treated them to perfection. Topped with a solid red cedar front it draws the player’s attention to other aspects of the guitar one might not expect to notice. The back, for instance, is a true lamination of mahogany. Accompanying all this is a tasteful dash of multi-ply wood purflings, edged in walnut.

All of these lush materials won’t go unnoticed when you start playing. The fastness of the 43mm neck makes the guitar feel more accessible and very comfortable all the way up to the body. Fret buzz has been totally erradicated, surprising since the neck has a serious camber. It really shows that as well as the build quality the set up of this guitar was a top priority.

This truly is one of the best dreadnought acoustics I have ever played. The handsome looks, warm whole-hearted tone and subtle exuberance are rarely found in a guitar in this price range. To top all this off, it comes with a Farida hard case.

The Farida D-32N retails at £479.