Zenkudo Overdrive

Zenkudo Overdrive

The Dumble Super Overdrive – a hyped, holy-grail of distortion tone, pioneered by Robben Ford and Larry Carlton – is not far out of reach with this pedal…

The Zenkudo Overdrive pedal offers four rotary controls an on-off footswitch and three sonic options (red, blue and green). All this thanks to a side switch on the pedal base.

Anybody using these types of distortion pedals with a clean amp setting, to create a crunch tone, won’t be disappointed. When moving away from setting all the knobs in the centre. Red aims for scope within that VOX AC30 territory whereas green brings out more of a Big Muff thickness. For blue it’s a must for Les Paul players because of the boost in the treble frequencies it produces.

Maxing the gain (bridge humbucker selected) the overdrive is saturated but never raspy or feeling limited somewhat; (Johnny Greenwood would love this setting)!  While maxing functions out you may want to try switching from a modern US amp to a boutique US model, the results are muscular and warm. If you ease down on the green function you’ll be mimicking Eric Johnson in no time.

If you’re a distortion nut and can’t bare the thought of leaving for a gig without your DS -1, this isn’t for you. You won’t get the harshness of the DS-1, more of a forceful rumble. This sleek pearly pedal designed by Japan’s Toshihiko Tanabe was built to be boutique. However, no Spinal Tap pun intended, the sustain is truly immense. Once you get on the green mode that’ll be the first and last you use!

The Zenkudo Overdrive is around £210, excluding shipping.

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  1. I don’t want fizzy fuzzy buzzy smooth with lots of sustain that turns the rawness into Cool_Whip …… I want scraping the Rust off rasp :

    I want Joe Cocker in a Stomp Box .

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