Steinberg Cubase 5


Cubase has been with us now for nigh on 20 years. It has been tweaked so much that it is fit to burst all over Apple Logic’s parade…

Firstly, if anybody reading this ever had a copy of Cubase 4, this can’t be compared. The culmination of virtual aids and tone quality puts this bit of software into a different league.

You get audio and MIDI tools for producing, mixing, editing, recording and composing. Cubase 5 also provides you with eight virtual instruments that you can use to mix down backing tracks, using any of the 56 different effects. Additionally, there is no limit to the amount of tracks you want in one song.

When really getting into the array of settings that Cubase 5 has to offer you see that there are a lot of options geared towards guitarists and vocalists. For example, Cubase 5 can subtly change a guitar solo or vocal break in pitch using ‘VariAudio’ by associating the played note with the closest quantised true note.

As for the guitarists out there thinking of purchasing this, there really aren’t many reasons not to. Cubase runs a load of amp simulator presets, 14 generic amps and 10 cabs. Other plug-ins include the standard guitar effects, like delay and tremolo, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can fiddle and get the right sound yourself – without bothering with annoying external plug-ins.

Cubase 5 really is a triumph for singer songwriters wanting to see what they can lay down. However, the best thing is that if you’ve had it before, you can update from Cubase 4 to 5 for a fraction of the price.

Cubase 5 retails at £499.