Digitech RP1000


‘Digitech: The Power to Create.’ Well, can’t argue with that, they certainly have that. However, is this RP1000 a product to fill a plug in the market?

The RP range is arguably merging into something the GNX range was always meant to be. This new RP1000 has many features that the GNX range already has. The pedal is very well priced in its field though, going up against big institutions like the Boss GT-10 or the Line 6 POD X3 Live.

Unlike others this new mutli-effects pedal boasts an ‘intergrated effects switching system.’ Basically meaning that unlike other Digitech designs of times past you have more power at your feet with 14 individual stomp-box switches. It also feels more robust than other designs before it -where if you stomped too hard you fretted you might break it.

When looking at the technical specs of the pedal it is hugely impressive. There ten effects modules with various options: wah, chorus/fx, distortion, compressor, amplifier, noise gate, EQ etc. However operating some of these effects through the expression pedal leaves something to be desired. It is just too small and therefore gives limited feel. When looking at the pedal it’s hard to see why they made it the size it is – there is plenty of free space.

Retrospectively this is a fantastic bit of hardware. It is meant for a gig, sporting as many footswitches, incorporating an amp loop and effects loop and having a larger physical presence than models before; the pedalboard market just got more competitive.

The Digitech RP1000 retails at £499.