Mesa/Boogie M6 Carbine bass combo



While Mesa/Boogie have always been known to pummel guts and project sound comparable to that of a stadium gig, the M6 Carbine is surprisingly reserved…

When getting down to the nitty-gritty tech features of this bass amp it isn't hard to see why Mesa/Boogie have always been unparalleled in sound quality and optional extras associated with their hardware. The amp has a pioneering tone control set-up by incorporating a pull-out feature on the volume knob to mute the mix. Also the rear of the speaker enclosure has a setting panel for the horn. Not only is there a choice of three settings when customising crossover range but also rotary attenuator to determine the degree of horn involvement.

The Mesa/Boogie ‘informed' will recognise the layout identically matched to the short-lived ‘Fathom.' The two-wheeled combo theme carries on here with more tonal features to make any bass player crave one.  While the bass and treble controls are active, the mid sound is passive making for a more analogue feel while playing in a low register. Additionally, if you are a M/B virgin the layout is staggeringly easy to grasp tonal settings are presented around the knobs by diagrams, making tweaking much easier.

The build quality is very neat indeed giving the impression it could have been made from weapons-grade materials. Also, giving a 600 Watt all-valve output and including balanced XLR outputs this is a very versatile bit of kit.

The M6 Carbine may put a few people off at £1,499 but if you're serious about your amplification nothing else comes close.