GAC-1 Ultra Pro Cable On Sale from Lava Cable

lavacableIn need of an instrument cable? Lava Cable is stepping up to the plate and hoping they can be of service.

Lava Cable today is announcing a new addition to the Gotham Audio library of instrument cables. The GAC-1 Ultra Pro is a cable that utilizes a double Reussen shield (sounds fancy, at least) to provide what Lava Cable and Gotham Audio are calling the “best RF-protection available”, thanks to the use of dual conductive PVC layers that also help establish a quiet cable of high quality. The cable is manufactured on order using G&H Ultra High Clarity plugs, and sports a low capacitance of 21 pF per foot.

Unfortunately, those looking for some style may be out of luck, as color options and combinations are non-existent. The GAC-1 Ultra Pro only comes in a cool blue, so the fashion minded among us will have to make due with the simplicity. But a cord’s a cord, right? All the same, Lava Cable seems to expect that to change in the future, but until it does GAC-1 Ultra Pro cables in blue will run you $44.95 for a 20-foot cable, and can be purchased via Lava Cable‘s official web destination here.

Source: Harmony Central