Alfred Releases Three Guitar TAB Songbooks

alfredmusiclogoGuitar TAB songbooks? Alfred Music Publishing has them in spades.

Alfred Music, the No. 1 educational music publisher, is announcing their new digital-inspired MyTunes series, with an initial three TAB collections that feature songbooks organized around Prog Metal Guitar tabs, Nu Metal Guitar tabs, and Hard Rock Guitar tabs. Each collection is appropriately titled to match the variety of music represented within.

Thanks to its digital download inspiration, instead of providing just a general collection of artist tunes, Alfred‘s songbooks include only top hits from some of today’s biggest artists, a sort of Greatest Hits collection. Each genre-focused songbook has four certified hits from a total of four different artists. Full listings are as follows:

MyTunes: Nu Metal Guitar TAB boasts the follow 16 metal songs: Indestructible (Disturbed) Inside the Fire (Disturbed) Perfect Insanity (Disturbed) Ten Thousand Fists (Disturbed) Away From Me (Puddle of Mudd) Blurry (Puddle of Mudd) Livin’ on Borrowed Time (Puddle of Mudd) Psycho (Puddle of Mudd) Breakdown (Seether) Broken (Seether) Fake It (Seether) Rise Above This (Seether) All I Want (Staind) Believe (Staind) Right Here (Staind) * So Far Away (Staind).

MyTunes: Hard Rock Guitar TAB contains 16 serious rock tunes, including the following: The Clincher (Chevelle) I Get It (Chevelle) Send the Pain Below (Chevelle) Vitamin R (Chevelle) Far Away (Nickelback) Gotta Be Somebody (Nickelback) Photograph (Nickelback) Rockstar (Nickelback) CrushCrushCrush (Paramore) Hallelujah (Paramore) Misery Business (Paramore) That’s What You Get (Paramore) All or Nothing (Theory of a Dead Man) Bad Girlfriend (Theory of a Dead Man) Hate My Life (Theory of a Dead Man) * So Happy (Theory of a Dead Man).

Finally, the MyTunes: Prog Metal Guitar TAB sports these hits: Forsaken (Dream Theater) Constant Motion (Dream Theater) Through Her Eyes (Dream Theater) Hollow Years (Dream Theater) The Arms of Sorrow (Killswitch Engage) My Curse (Killswitch Engage) The End of Heartache (Killswitch Engage) Rose of Sharyn (Killswitch Engage) Colony of Birchmen (Mastodon) The Wolf Is Loose (Mastodon) Seabeast (Mastodon) Blood and Thunder (Mastodon) Far Cry (Rush) Spindrift (Rush) The Larger Bowl (Rush) * Workin’ Them Angels (Rush).

All three songbooks from Alfred are currently available for $19.95 each. Visit the website for download information.

Source: Harmony Central