9 Soundware Unleashes “Thrash” Sound Set

thrash9 Soundware has released a new download known as “Thrash”, a program that serves as a complement to the EXS24 sampler within Apple Logic Pro.

The main theme behind the set of sounds is “Headroom Decimating Audio”. Pretty serious, huh? The adequately named sound set is designed to cater to those looking for some truly powerful and earth-shattering noises and effects. The instrument set within the sampler is based upon 30 loops and 70 hits, for a total of 100 samples. 9 Soundware pontificates that these sounds are so sharp and explosive that they may actually be some of the “most abrasive” sounds that can be found in any commercial library, although we will let readers decide that one on their own should they choose to download the package.

A bevy of instruments are available within the download that make use of the EXS24 mkII sampler, and these instruments range from impact to tempo synced affairs, as well as a drum kit known as Beat Murderer.exs that features more than 70 sounds. (9 Soundware recommends that a midi controller be used in conjunction with the Beat Murderer sound set.) Also, a 128 MB Thrash.exs instrument is included that incorporates all 100 total samples.

The entire 129 MB download contains 100 WAV files and 31 .EXS files, and is available right away here. Thrash will run at $29.99, which shouldn’t put too high a hurting on most of your pocketbooks.

Source: Harmony Central