VOX ToneLab ST Set for Release

voxGet up and go, guitar lovers. VOX introduced the ToneLab ST at the Musik Messe Convention in Frankfurt, Germany. Heralded as their most compact ToneLab unit ever, VOX’s ToneLab ST weighs in at three and a half pounds and sports enhanced versatility via a range of cabinets and a selection of thirty-three separate amp models, representing the largest range in its class.

A member of the Valvetronix series, the power amp circuit utilizes a 12AX7 triode vacuum tube. The ability to pair up any combination of the thirty three amp models with eleven different cabinets offers a wealth of options. The equipment comes packaged with twenty “Song” presets which allow for imitations of famous rock guitar tunes, and there are also twenty-five tonal effects that round out the affair. The options available aren’t limited to presets either, as an additional fifty user programs can be utilized for user-created custom sounds.

Other features include direct visual editing thanks to independent editing sections (effects and amps), and free librarian software that can be downloaded and used to manage programs locally or swap presets remotely through the Vox Tone Room. An ASIO-compatible USB audio connection makes all this possible.

The VOX ToneLab ST will become available later this month. Pricing details to follow. For more information, head on over to the product page here.

Source: voxamps.com

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