VOX Introduces the Night Train

voxVOX had quite the convention in Frankfurt, Germany, hoisting up a number of products such as the ToneLab ST. Also featured at the Music Messe convention in the land of brots and beer was the Night Train NT15H, an all-tube VOX built for power and portability.

Weighing less than seventeen pounds and sporting a slick chrome finish, the Night Train features twin 12AX7 tubes to push the preamp stage in impressive style and provide crystal-clear and powerful sound. The twin tubes hearken back to the days and design of the classic VOX AC15. Tone controls feature the typical Treble, Middle and Bass affair, while also offering a BRIGHT to THICK mode switch option that allows for variation from ringing, cutting tones to a denser sound thanks to boosted gain, respectively.

An easy-switch option allows for jumping from Pentode to Triode tube operation. This dual operation so heralded by VOX brings power customization depending on need. While in Triode mode the power sits at just 7.5 watts, but the full beast within the Night Train can be unleashed in Pentode mode, which brings ouput to 15 watts. Power comes packed alongside convenience in the case of the Night Train, with support for a variety of speaker cabinets thanks to dual 8Ω and 16Ω speaker jacks.

VOX notes that a complementing cabinet for the Night Train is available, and it’s conventiently enough available from VOX. (Surprise, surprise?) The V112NT cabinet has a VOX Celestion “Greenback” speaker and will be available Summer 2009.

For more information, visit the product page.

Source: voxamps.com